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The oil reserves of our planet decrease daily and probably will only last for another forty years. This is the reason we have started asking ourselves: How can we slow down the world’s consumption rhythm so that our children have a chance to a better future?

This is how the NANOCHEM concept developed. It is a combination of life and business principles based on simplicity, ingenuity and most importantly, reason. We guide our day by day tasks by these principles and we will be doing so anytime.

When others think selling protection coating systems such as floors, industrial paints, primers, special screeds and waterproofing systems is looking for the cheapest products in order to have a better trade margin without even considering the way the products were made, we act responsibly and make decisions based on the long-term reliability properties of products and the decrease in energy consumption and other resources in order to satisfy our clients’ needs.

According to the NANOCHEM Principle, an important part of our time is spent educating the buying market so that prospective buyers are well informed about different types of products. The aim is that they can distinguish between the `occasional` and the professional products.

We started out identifying experts and workers in protection coating systems to inform them about the newest eco-friendly technology in chemistry we provided Bulgaria with. Ever since that moment they have refused to work with any other products.

Being a part of the nanotechnology business for more than 10 years, we have always been interested in innovation and inventions regarding the flooring industry. Our research has turned up renowned names such as ITALCHEMICAL and SAMWHA, names which we currently represent in Bulgaria, via NANOCHEM Romania.

1All the important products are on the top of the list in the nanotechnology and chemical industry.


2The prices of the Nanochem products and services rigorously respect the ratio of quality and costs. It is not a false criteria by which we compete with other businesses.


3Our team is selected by the caring and devotion given towards our interests, passion for our work being a decisive criteria for hiring. This is one of the reasons you can entrust us with your needs.

4We respect the necessities of our clients and we create a fair and even-handed business relationship on the long run, not just for the occasion.


5Our moral conduct is based on respecting both the social and business environment and the environment itself. It is the prime component in building our business strategy and our brand – ECO-business. Our employees guarantee the offered solutions, the lifespan of our products is written in their description tag, and we inform both our customers and our partners about the newest developments in our range of products. We keep a close evidence of the promised benefits. The compound and origin certificates are kept as they are entirely.

6We plan on replacing the products available on the current market, which are harmful to the customers` health and to the environment, with the ones we provide. The products we provide are mostly eco-tech developed and in accordance with the Green Chemistry concepts.


7We offer only the products and services we ourselves use.

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